Recycling your rubbish responsibly

The most important thing for you is to have your waste or general rubbish cleared efficiently and affordably. But we all need to do what we can to protect the planet and its resources, and when JunkCare clears your rubbish, that’s exactly what happens.

Sorting your waste.

Everything we collect is brought back to our West London facility where it’s sorted by hand. Whatever can be recycled is separated into the type of material it is, ready for processing on to our recycling partners.

Directing your rubbish to recycling.

Our network of responsible recycling partners is made up of companies specialising in one or more individual types of junk:

  • electrical equipment;
  • construction waste;
  • board and paper;
  • waste timber;
  • waste textiles and so on.

Our recycling partners

However much rubbish you have, and whatever it is, JunkCare makes sure that once it’s cleared from your premises it’s recycled efficiently by our relevant specialist partner.


Europe's largest cardboard and
paper recycler.


Expert recyclers of ferrous and
non-ferrous metals.


Specialist recyclers of wood and
construction waste.

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