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What is compost?

Composting is an organic method of decomposing organic solid waste and is rich in nutrients. Making homemade compost can benefit you in many ways. Composting at home can reduce your household waste up to 20%- 60% every month. There are so many items that you can use for compost- grass cutting, leaves, trimmings, prunings, vegetables, pasta, cat food, coffee, rice, stale cereal, old herbs and spices, pizza crusts, wine corks, bamboo skewers, hair from your hairbrush, old cotton clothing, old paper documents, sticky notes, nail clippings, cardboard egg cartons, used paper napkins, loose leaf tea and many more. This process recycles various organic materials!

 Composting is a transformation from death to life. Homemade garden compost is made over a period of 2 to 12 months and is rich in nutrients and friendly bacteria, fungi, protozoa and actinomycetes. Composting at home is a great way to save money from household waste and also to improve your garden! 

Composting = Life



What You Can Compost

Starting homemade compost is easy, but the common question is what you can put in your compost bin. The following list below will help you to see possibilities of composting your waste, and how much waste could be prevented to end into the landfills. Kids will love it!

*Fruits and vegetables

*Coffee grounds

*Pasta sauce

*Tomato paste

*Paper towel rolls


*Grass cuttings


*Dry or cooked pasta 

*Stale bread, pittas, baguette

*Stale crackers

*Stale cereals

*Nut and nut shells

*Wine Corks

*Cooked rice

*Hair from your hairbrush

*Nail clippings

*Old cotton clothes

*Old paper bills, letters, flyers ( shredded)

*Sticky notes

*Contents of your dustpan

*Latex balloons

*Vacum waste

*Cat/ Dog old food



*Autumn leaves

*Dead bulb tops

*Ashes from barbeque

*Coffee filters

*Tea bags

*Egg shells (crushed)


*Old herbs and seasons

*Pie vines

*Pumpkin seeds

*Melted ice cream

*Stale potato chips

*Rhubarb stems

*Pencil Shavings

*Grocery receipts

*Ivory soap scraps

Compost is like a healthy gourmet for the plants. Most of those household waste end on the landfills. But if you want to change that, you can start today! Composting is very easy and funny, kids will love it. Just show them with love how to transform all old items into a new life- flowers, fruit, vegetables. What can be more powerful from that to sit in your garden with a cup of tea, enjoying to plants, which grows with love because of you? Composting is one of the most powerful tools to turn the death waste into life! 



When we recycle we avoid the greenhouse emissions from landfills! Then we also reduce the need to use new resources from the earth replacing the old ones. Do you love your garden? Are you ready to do something more for it? If so, start today! Save money from your waste and turn it back into energy for you and your loved ones!


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